"Jayme is the driving force behind everything I do; my passion and my drive. Too blessed to be stressed.

I always knew I would marry someone GREAT.....I just never knew it would be someone this great. When I think of an example of the Savior, Jayme is who I think of." #CompletelyBlessed
How to have and keep great relationships
💎 5 Things That DESTROY A Relationship: 

1️⃣ Expectations 
2️⃣ Failing To Forgive 
3️⃣ Leaving God Out 
4️⃣ Being The Leftovers 
5️⃣ Withhold The Truth. 

These are things that Jayme and I work on EVERY day which is the reason we have such an AMAZING relationship. I COULD NOT be happier in life. Jayme makes me the happiest man on earth! 🌎
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