My Workouts
🏋️‍♀️ My 15-Minute Workout

📝 Breakdown:

⏰ 15 minutes per day
📆 5 days per week
🏋️‍♂️ Full body workout
🏃🏻 1 set all out
🏆 30 reps (heaviest you can)
🧾 8 exercises (your choice)


☑️ Work full body daily. More volume. Gain strength. Gain size. Gain definition.

I use almost all machines so there’s no dealing with plates, dumbbells, etc. which helps to save time and reduce injury potential. 

🔎 Overview:

1️⃣ GROWTH is all about volume. So the more reps per week you can do for all the muscles in your body, the better.

2️⃣ RESISTANCE is key to muscle mass. So I focus on the maximum weight I can do for 30 repetitions straight. The key is to push yourself. If you can’t get to 30 reps, lighten the weight a bit. Let that be your way to know if you should increase or decrease the resistance.  

3️⃣ EFFICIENCY is accomplished by rather than doing 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions, I simply do 30 repetitions and only 1 set per exercise. You’re getting the exact same amount of volume, but it cuts out all the breaks and downtime between normal sets.

🏋️‍♂️ The exercises:

The key here is you’re working your entire body in every workout. In other words every day is chest day, leg day, back day, etc.  

1-2 compound exercises (typically cable machine, pull cable from the lowest position, using a bar or handle for both hands, start in a squatting position and then stand up as you pull the handle as if you’re doing a row toward your core, and then repeat. 
1 bicep machine
1 tricep machine
1 shoulder machine
1 chest machine
1 calf press machine
1 back machine (row or lat pull down)
1 leg press machine
1 set of abs (30-50 reps) and find an ab machine if possible that can create resistance such as adding weight.

😩 Variety prevents workout boredom but it doesn’t change results. You can literally do the same machines every time if you want. If you want to add cardio to your routine, I would suggest 5-10 minutes of high resistance elliptical and that’s it. It’s low impact on your knees, and really gets the heart going. But resistance is the key to maximizing its effectiveness.

✅ Compound Exercises

Squat to dumbbell front raise 
Squat to front kettle bell swing
Squat to dumbbell press 
Squat to dumbbell side raise 
Squat to curl to press 
Squat to full circle dumbbell raise
Squat to back dumbbell row
Squat to reverse dumbbell row 
Squat to dumbbell press
Barbell curl to press 
Squat double arm hammer curl
Good morning to row w/ dumbbell
Squat to dumbbell fly 
Squat to dumbbell upright row 
Cable rope lat pull to tricep pressdown
Cable squat to shoulder front raise
Cable squat to rope lat pull
Cable squat to bicep curl
Cable good morning to lat pull
Cable squat to shoulder press
Cable squat upright row

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